River Mill Primary School

About River Mill

am delighted that you are interested in sending your child to River Mill Primary School. River Mill Primary is an important part of a family of schools that make up the Connect Schools Academy Trust (CSAT). Schools within our Trust are committed to aiming high and achieving well. River Mill has been established to serve the new communities within the Northern Gateway Development. At CSAT we believe we have a moral responsibility to ensure that each child is equipped with the skills they need to be knowledgeable, confident, motivated and successful in the future. All of our schools are fantastic places to be, buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm and that includes the staff as well as the children! All of us in our Trust are committed to your child and to them achieving socially, personally and academically, leaving school with belief in themselves and high aspirations for the future. You can find out more about our Trust online at our website www.connectschoolsacademytrust.com 

I look forward to meeting you all at River Mill.
Andrea Carter,
The CEO of Connect Schools Academy Trust