River Mill Primary School

We Learn

Core Skills

Our curriculum will ensure that every child is educated to the highest standards possible in the basic skills of English and Maths. Intervention will support smaller class sizes ensuring every child is able to reach their potential, whilst at KS2, academies with specialist teachers in English and Maths will support provision for the more able. 


We will constantly seek to provide children at River Mill with new opportunities that inspire, motivate and challenge them. We will use the highest level of
expertise, ensuring the best learning opportunities for pupils across the curriculum. These will include specialist music teachers providing the opportunity
for all children to learn an instrument during their school life and develop specific expertise in music technology, specialist sports teachers, enabling  children to learn the rules and skills of a wide variety of sports alongside opportunities to compete at different levels and experienced IT teachers to provide children with IT opportunities generally only seen at secondary level.

Life Skills 

River Mill’s ethos and organisation will be designed to support the development of life skills as we see these as key when considering the life chances of individuals. Study skills, time management and organisation will be intrinsic to the delivery of the curriculum with restorative justice providing vital skills when considering conflict resolution. Leadership skills will be developed through the many positions of responsibility such as junior leadership team and children as teacher roles.

Social Awareness in a British Society

Pupils at River Mill will leave school with the skills and knowledge needed to lead a successful life in modern Britain. The key components of British values, democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance, will be encompassed across the curriculum as well as key themes for assemblies.

Technology and Business Links

Across the whole curriculum we will provide the highest quality technology alongside specialist IT expertise which will support curriculum delivery at River Mill. Each term’s curriculum theme will have an IT focus and a business link. Children will gain exceptional skills in technology as part of the curriculum and be able to relate to how these link to employment through the business connections made.

Excellence and Enjoyment

At River Mill we believe there is no better driver for success than individual motivation and we will deliver a curriculum that not only inspires and  challenges children, but a curriculum that also promotes fun, laughter and excitement. The curriculum will have creative themes and our focus will be on ensuring that children achieve the best possible outcomes across all areas of the curriculum. We will constantly review the curriculum we offer at River Mill, based on the pupils within the school at that time. This will ensure that the highest levels of excitement and enjoyment remain at all times.